Essential Italian Cookbooks

Essential Italian Cookbooks

From simple to sophisticated, Essteele presents a definitive list of iconic Italian cookbooks that are must-have companions for the serious culinary library.

The Silver Spoon(Phaidon)

This classic compendium containing hundreds of traditional Italian recipes is considered one of Italy's most influential cookbooks having sold over one million copies in eight editions. With specially commissioned photography, gorgeous artwork and timeless recipes it is little wonder it went on to become the bestselling Italian cookbook of all time.

Italian Food by Elizabeth David

Originally published in 1954, Elizabeth David'sItalian Food was one of the first books to demonstrate the enormous range of Italy's regional cooking. The foods of Italy, explained David, expanded far beyond minestrone and ravioli, to the complex traditions of Tuscany, Sicily, Lombardy, Umbria, and many other regions. David imparts her knowledge from her many years in Italy, exploring, researching, tasting and testing dishes and her book is considered essential reading for lovers of Italian cuisine.

Gastronomy of ItalyAnna Del Conte

Milanese born Anna Del Conte is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on Italian food and in 2010 she was presented with The Guild of Food Writers’ Lifetime Achievement Award. Del Conte, regarded by Nigella Lawson as, “beyond doubt, the best writer on Italian food,“ has compiled a much-loved encyclopedia crammed full of her country's regions, ingredients, dishes and techniques compiled in a simple A-Z format.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan

This bestselling cookbook by Marcella Hazan is credited with introducing Americans to the joys of Italian cuisine. The culinary bible catalogues a vast array of regional Italian recipes including tomato sauce with onion and butter, chicken with two lemons, and her famed milk-braised pork. Hazan's popularity was largely attributed to her philosophy that the best cooking is home cooking, and the best home cooking is simple.

Lidia’s Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine. Everything You Need To Know To Be A Great Italian Cook by Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich is an Emmy award-winning television host, restaurateur and best-selling cookbook author whose most recent title is considered the definitive guide to Italian cooking. With no photos and few illustrations, there are however over 400 recipes to thumb through and Bastianich precisely instructs her readers on essentials ranging from ingredients to techniques to tools. Many of the recipes are her creation including bread and prune gnocchi, and a beet ravioli with poppy seed sauce.

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