The Top Five Italian Films of all time

The Top Five Italian Films of all time

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Arguably the most successful foreign-language film of all time the story of a young Italian boy and his friendship with movie projectionist (Philippe Noiret) in a postwar Italian village went on to win the Grand Prix at Cannes and the Best Foreign Film Oscar for 1989. (155 mins.)

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Stars: Philippe Noiret, Enzo Cannavale, Antonella Attili, Isa Danieli
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We All Loved Each Other So Much (1974)

Gianni, Nicola and Antonio become close friends in 1944 while fighting the Nazis, united in their desire for the liberation of Italy. When the war ends, each go their separate ways but are inevitably linked through their shared affection for a beautiful would-be actress. The film traces the characters over a period of thirty years.

Director: Ettore Scola
Stars: Nino Manfredi, Vittorio Gassman, Stefania Sandrelli, Stefano Satta Flores
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Scent of a Woman (1974)

Screen legend Vittorio Gassman plays a feisty, blind ex-army captain on a week-long trip from Turin to Naples. Accompanied by a young army cadet as his 'eyes', the duo travel to Naples in search of love with the resourceful captain attempting to seduce beautiful women with his enhanced sense of smell. The award-winning film was later remade in 1992 in the United States with Al Pacino in the starring role.

Director: Dino Risi
Stars: Vittorio Gassman, Alessandro Momo, Agostina Belli, Moira Orfei
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Life Is Beautiful (1997)

Set in 1930's Italy, a carefree Jewish librarian (Guido) and his son become victims of the Holocaust. In an attempt to help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game using a combination of humor and imagination. (116 mins.) Guido played by Roberto Benigni, also directed and co-wrote the film. At the 71st Academy Awards in 1999, Benigni won the Academy Award for Best Actor. The film also won both the Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Director: Roberto Benigni
Stars: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini, Giustino Durano
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La Dolce Vita (1960)

Whilst it may have raised the ire of the the Vatican, Frederico Fellini's 1960°Controversial masterpiece firmly established Italian cinema on the world map. Starring Marcello Mastroianni as journalist and philanderer Marcello Rubini, this is a tale of hedonistic excess that follows a wannabe playboy's life in Rome. It was recently included in Empire magazine's list of '100 Best Films of World Cinema'. Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1960, 'La Dolce Vit'a was also nominated for four Academy Awards, ultimately winning the Best Costume Design for a Black and White Film.

Director: Frederico Fellini
Stars: Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg and Anouk Aimée

Image: scanned Original Movie Poster of Life is Beautiful

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