My Nonstick is Sticking

Why is my cookware sticking?

Is food starting to stick to your nonstick? The loss of nonstick performance on your pan can happen for a variety of reasons.

  • There is a build-up of food on the pan that is preventing the nonstick surface from working. Try a deep-clean of your pan by following the instructions under the FAQ section entitled "Caring for Nonstick"
  • Your nonstick pan has been overheated. You may not have accidentally left your pan on the heat, but continuously cooking on high-heat, rather than medium, can damage the surface of your pan. Want to learn how to sear on medium? under the FAQ section entitled "Caring for Nonstick"
  • There is a build-up of oil. You don’t need to use oil with your nonstick pans, however some prefer to use a little oil for flavour. Oil, grease and fat particles heat up faster than your nonstick pan which can cause scorching which can damage your nonstick surface. When using oil, follow these simple steps under the Care Instructions entitled "Which Oil would I use if I would like to Flavour my Cooking?"  and ensuring that your pan is cleaned thoroughly under "Caring for Nonstick" in the FAQ section.