Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic coated cookware originated in Europe over thirty years ago and has become a popular choice for many home cooks. Ceramic coated cookware is made with an aluminium body, and sol-gel coating that is bonded onto the surface. Sol-gel is a silicone oil that is released when the pan is heated, mimicking nonstick properties, resulting in excellent food release. Other benefits of ceramic coated cookware include:


Ceramic coatings are PFOA free. The materials used to manufacture ceramic coatings are derived from natural sand and don't contain lead, cadmium or dangerous chemicals.


Cooking with acidic foods can be hazardous with some cookware, such as cooper and carbon steel, which react with the surface leaching chemicals and metals into the food. Ceramic cookware is non-reactive with acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits and vinegar.

High-Heat Tolerance

Ceramic coated cookware can withstand high heat without emitting toxic fumes, unlike conventional nonstick cookware, which has a lower heat tolerance before it releases hazardous fumes.

Easy to Clean

Food releases easily because of the nonstick surface, making cleaning effortless only needing warm water and soap.

Through extensive research, Essteele has developed the innovative Per Moda range, offering the most superior class of ceramic coated cookware in the market.

Designed and made in Italy, Essteele Per Moda features a thick natural ceramic, with a glass hardened surface, able to withstand high heat cooking with unprecedented food release and high abrasion resistance meaning you can use metal utensils without the fear of scratching the surface of the pan, and is dishwasher safe.

The unique Barriershield technology offers a proprietary heat-sealed barrier that encases the solid aluminium core to ensure maximum durability, with an induction suitable base that provides even heating so that you have perfect results, every time.

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