How To Use Induction Cookware

An ever-growing multitude of Australians are now looking for induction cookware. This is because induction cooktops are becoming increasingly popular in households due to their sleek style and ease of use. Unlike traditional gas or electric stovetops, induction technology embraces the use of magnetic fields. This method grants faster heating times, more precise temperature control and increased energy efficiency.

To leverage the potential of this technology, it is crucial to choose the right cookware. All Essteele cookware is induction suitable, including our best selling ranges; Per Domani and Per Amore. These products, are crafted to work seamlessly with this type of cooktop. This union promises to make the cooking experience as enjoyable as possible.

Induction Cookware Compatibility

For flawless operation on an induction cooktop, cookware items must be constructed from ferromagnetic material. This means either iron or iron-based materials, such as steel.

When uncertain, it’s always a good idea to look for the induction compatible symbol on the product. The induction cookware symbol in Australia often looks like a coil or wire.

In the domain of online retail shopping, don’t forget to verify the details on the product’s listing page. This will ensure it is referenced as induction compatible. Suitable construction materials include stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel and clad cookware.

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The Benefits of Induction Cooking

The practice of induction cooking provides numerous advantages. Among these are:

  • Rapid Heating

    Induction cooktops harness the power of magnetic fields to directly impart heat to the cookware. This results in faster heating times compared to traditional gas or electric stoves.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Induction cooking is incredibly energy efficient. Since it heats the cookware directly, less heat is lost to the ambient environment.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Due to the minimal heat dissipation to the surrounding environment, you can increase or decrease heat with a quick reaction.

  • Safety

    Induction cooktops maintain a relatively cool surface after operation, reducing the risk of injury. Many also have features like auto shut-off for added safety.

  • Cleaning

    Since the cooktop surface doesn't heat up, the likelihood of spills and splatters adhering and scorching is markedly reduced. This enhances the simplicity of the cleaning process.

  • Cost Savings

    With induction cook-tops, energy is directed to the cookware base, with approximately 85% efficiency. This is an improvement compared to traditional heating elements which transfer energy at an efficiency of 32%.

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Shape and Size

Induction cooking relies on the magnetic field generating heat within the cookware. A flat bottom ensures that this process operates optimally as there is maximum contact between the base and the cooktop.

Choosing cookware that suits the dimensions of your stovetop one of the most important factors to
consider. Refrain from using oversized pieces, as they may not heat evenly.

Common Questions About Induction Cookware

Is special cookware required for induction cooking?

Yes. Not all cookware offers harmonious compatibility with induction cooktops. You’ll have to assess the products specifications to be certain. To check at home, simply see if a magnet sticks to the base.

Can you use induction cookware on a gas stove?

The majority of cookware designed for induction is versatile enough to function on other stovetops. All Essteele items that are induction compatible are also suitable for use with other hob types such as gas and electric.

Which induction cookware is best?

To have the best cooking experience you should invest in premium induction cookware. High quality pans offer a substantial amount of ferromagnetic material and often have a thicker gauge. This will lead to consistent heating and long-lasting performance again and again.

How does induction cookware work?

Induction cookware utilises a copper coil beneath its burners. This reacts with the material on the base of cookware and directly heats pots and pans for rapid and even cooking.

What are the differences between regular cookware and induction cookware?

Although induction cookware may look like all cookware, the critical distinction lies in its composition. The construction is important otherwise it will not work. The main differences are that induction cookware must have a base that is induction compatible and be a suitable size and shape to effectively come into contact with the induction surface.

Is induction cookware more energy-efficient than traditional cookware?

Yes. Cooking with induction is more energy efficient. It achieves this by focusing the heat directly onto the surface in contact with the pot or pan. This minimises the wastage of energy.

Can you use any pot or pan on an induction stove?

No. But if it is induction compatible you can use a wide variety of cookware. Essteele has a range of induction compatible skillets, saucepans, woks, stockpots, sautés and casseroles. Along with individual pieces, you’ll also find entire induction cookware sets.

Should I choose an induction stove, gas or electric?

Although it is usually a personal preference, the global trajectory is shifting towards electrification. This is evident in future plans for cars and homes. The induction method of cooking is the most efficient over gas and electric.

There are also many other benefits including safety, rapid heating and ease of cleaning. It must also be noted that cooking with induction is a learning curve if coming from a different heat source.

Where can I find induction cookware reviews?

You can find many reviews of Essteele cookware sets and individual pieces such as frying pans on our product listing pages.

How do I clean and care for my induction cookware?

Essteele provides advice and guidance on how to clean and care for your cookware. Additionally, it is imperative to keep an eye on the base of your pans. This is to ensure you have proper contact with your cooktop and to prevent any damage.

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