Decor Trend: Italianate Glamour

Decor Trend: Italianate Glamour

2016 could well be the year of 'Mediterranean maximalism'. The more dramatic, the better. More are eschewing the old dream home of 'modest fibro beach shack' and saying: 'Non, non, non. Get me a palazzo, pronto!' Here's what it's all about:

Give me pillars

Think Tara from Gone with the Wind or Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast. Whatever your inspiration, pillars are as stately and graceful as ever.

Give me velvet

So plush, so pretty. Velvet with a sheen is making its way back into the lounge room in jewel tones.

Give me archways

Calling to mind the power and influence of the Roman Empire (also seen in Australia's haciendas of the 1970s), the graceful Roman arch is looking good again.

Give me marble

Even if the budget doesn't stretch to full flooring or kitchen benchtops, a cheeseboard or marble-topped side table is within reach.

Give me gold

It's the only thing that went up after the GFC for a reason… but it doesn't have to be the real deal. Plated gold or gold paint will do nicely. We love matte gold cutlery and gilt-edged mirrors.

Give me palm trees

The fiddle leaf fig is over. Bring on the indoor parlour palm and plant a few statuesque species outdoors too for sunny Mediterranean chic.

Give me terrazzo

Last seen trending in the 1970s, elegant terrazzo makes for a super-stylish bathroom floor, is easier to clean than tiles and lasts an eternity. You seriously couldn't damage it if you tried.

Give me an animal print!

Leopard, zebra, giraffe, it's like Noah's Ark in some Italianate homes! Eternally glam but don't go crazy. Just a splash via rugs, throws and cushions.

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