Flaunt your collection, PRADA.

Flaunt your collection, PRADA.

Janine Kyle has long held a love for all things Italian; especially PRADA

Beginning her career in retail at the eponymous House of Merivale fashion boutiques, working for Merivale and John Hemmes in Sydney, Kyle later moved to Vogue Australia where she continued to find ways to enrich her love affair with fashion. But it was her second great love - ballet and dance - that led her to Sydney Dance Company where she worked to establish the Company as Australia's premiere contemporary dance company and Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon as Australia's most prolific dance creators.

After a period of influence as the Company's Marketing Manager and Director of Public Relations, Kyle became Sydney Dance Company's Manager of International Business, programming the company in theatres across the world. There were many tours to Italy, especially in the early years, and Sydney Dance Company left its mark in Rome, Bari, Palermo, Spoleto, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Brescia, Syracuse and many more.

When did you first fall in love with Italian fashion?

A: When I was sixteen I discovered the glamorous world of fashion publishing and through that an understanding of Italy's place in this special creative world.

Which Italian designers do you admire and why?

A: It is quite a disparate group because my admiration for each is a response to their individuality and their uncompromising approach to design. For example, of course, I greatly admire Miuccia Prada because without exception every collection she produces is adventurous and unique to her vision; but also I admire Missoni with its long-time, firmly established creative spirit. To me the Missoni look never ages, and never tires.

What was your first Prada purchase and where did you buy it?

A: My first purchase was the nylon, medium-sized bucket bag in black. This bag became an emblem of style with fashion-conscious women all over the world. I just had to have it and then later I purchased it in a larger size for variety. It was an emblem of style, almost a uniform.

How and why did you fall in love, most particularly with Prada?

A: I would explain that I always loved fashion and have followed its evolution and the emergence of new designers ever since the 1960s. But it wasn't until I discovered Prada's perspective that I fell in love with the brand. Prada's vision was vivid and spoke loudly to me both through her ready-to-wear collection and her fabulous accessories.

How many items do you have in your collection?

A: I have to say I don't count them. I find I can quickly appraise each one by glancing in the closet and always finding new ways of combining them with different looks. It proves to me over and over that they are timeless.

What is your favourite piece and why?

A: I can honestly say I love them all equally.

Which is your favourite Prada store and why?

A: There is a small boutique on the left bank in Paris where I purchased my first pair of summer sandals. I do love that particular boutique and the way it easily captures the spirit of the collection but in such a small space. Also, I love the flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York - it always inspires me. I have to say that I love the Sydney boutique in Westfield because of the wonderful staff and their passion for the brand.

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