Host an Italian banquet - Plan the Menu

Host an Italian banquet - Plan the Menu

Now you've set the scene, now it's time to set the menu. The golden rule of Italian eating? Less on the plate with better ingredients.9 courses may seem like a lot, but we're talking small servings and *very* simple dishes with just a few ingredients. Combine 7/8 into an affogato if you like.

Serve in the traditional Italian order of:

1. Aperitivo - pre-dinner cocktail. Try a Aperol Spritz = 3 parts prosecco + 2 parts Aperol + soda.

2. Antipasto - charcuterie starter. Melon + prosciutto, for example.

3. Primi - the pasta course. Perhaps the simple Roman staple ofCacio E Pepe.

4. Secondo - the meaty main or fishy second course. Think Veal Scallopini.

5. Insalata - a simple salad. Radicchio + fennel + orange = winner.

6. Fromaggi e frutta - Italian cheeses and fruit.

7.Dolce - sorbet or gelato.


9.Digestivo - try a Negroni to close the meal. Gin + vermouth + Campari.

Need some inspiration? We've got some perfect Cicchetti starters here.

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