Italian Travel: Expats in Italy

Italian Travel: Expats in Italy

This week Essteele have rounded up our favourite female travel bloggers who have made a name for themselves documenting their tasteful adventures, stories, and travel tips as expats living in Italy.

Italy Chronicles

Reporting on everything from politics to prosecco, Italy Chronicles has been chronicling life and goings on in Italy since 2005. The magazine-style blog has a newsy format with articles that include an up-to-date commentary on current affairs and events. Essteele recommends it for regular bite-sized updates.

Surviving Italy

Not your standard, traditional travel blog, but rather an honest account of an expat American's adventures. With loads of self-deprecating stories of spilled wine, missed flights and cultural misunderstandings, the site is a quirky snapshot of the ups and downs of life in Italy. Laugh your way through the tongue-in-cheek posts that include advice on the 21 things you should know before moving to Italy and 10 Italian gift ideas (that aren't snow globes).

An American in Rome

Natalie is a California-born Italy-based travel writer who has been based in Rome since 2010. The blog is a handy resource for what to see, do and eat in the Eternal City and she has several 'how to guides including some super practical posts on the best ways to navigate becoming an expat in Italy.

Driving Like a Maniac

Kate Bailward (aka Katja) is a cat-loving, trifle-hating Englishwoman in Sicily whose pithy observations on all things Italy have garnered a devout following. Her post on 'weddings (and too much wine) will have you laughing out loud. Kate is also one-sixth of the Italy Blogging Roundtable team, who write monthly themed posts about different aspects of life in Italy. She also writes about food on her cookery blog, Quasi Siciliana.

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