Must-have travel and food friendly apps

Must-have travel and food friendly apps

From dining in a stranger's home to point-and-shoot mobile translations, Essteele showcases the best food and travel apps for your next Italian adventure.

Wifi Italia

Stay connected anywhere from Rome to Milan with Wifi Italia, a handy app that allows tourists to connect to wifi across the country using a single log-in. Perfect for conserving your international data while also staying connected and thankfully it comes with both Italian and English language options. The best coverage can be found in tourist hoteaspoonots, including Rome, Milan, and Tuscany. Essteele especially loves the app for booking tickets to destinations such as local museums and galleries. The Wifi Italia app is available on Google Play and the App Store.


Dubbed the Airbnb of food, the app is touted as a 'social dining platform that allows travellers the opportunity to dine at a local's home. With thousands of options available, we came across the 'Midnight with Food Lovers in Rome' with Benny & Bula, two sisters who work and live in the eternal city.

Google Translate

It's an oldie but it's a goodie; Google Translate is up there with the most indispensable travelling apps of all time and has redefined the way we interact around the globe. The app has been updated many times and its features allow users to speak, scan, snap, type, or draw to translate into over 100 languages. Even better, it even works offline so travellers can instantly translate without the need for wifi. The latest update allows you to point your smartphone camera at any text and in an instant, the English translation will appear on-screen. Available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and best of all it's free.


EAT ITALY is the result of Italian-based food blogger Elizabeth Minchelli's many years of eating and living in Italy, all collated down into one nifty app. Inside EAT ITALY you will find guides to different cities and regions including Rome, Florence and Venice, Torino, Milan, Umbria and Puglia and an ever-expanding list of cities is becoming available.

Note: EAT ITALY is only available for iTunes, but an android version is due for release in 2018.

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