Top expat food bloggers of Italy

Top expat food bloggers of Italy

For many food writers, blogging is borne of a labour of love that eventually translates to commercial success. This week Essteele showcases the best food blogs by expats living in Italy who have endeared themselves to readers all over the globe. If you're feeling inspired to start cooking, check out some of the beautiful cookware that is perfect for Italian oven-to-table cooking.

1. Emiko Davies

Half Australian, half Japanese Emiko lives with her Italian husband and daughter in the hills of Florence. With a focus on Tuscan cuisine, Emiko has written two cookbooks and has written extensively for Australian Gourmet Traveller, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, delicious magazine and more. However, it is her blog that has captivated readers from around the globe with historical recipes, superb photography, vignettes of her life in Italy, traditional Tuscan cooking and a plethora of recipes catering to both the home cook and the professional chef.

2. Ms Adventures in Italy

Another expat who has made her home in Italy, the 'constantly curious' Sara Rosso moved to Italy from Silicon Valley in 2003. The writer and keen photographer now lives in Milan and her site is dedicated to cooking, exploring and tasting new specialties throughout her adopted country. Her monthly newsletter is an in-depth guide that spans business, food and travel and her handy e-guide How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy should be compulsory reading for travellers planning a trip to Italy.

3. Toni Brancatisano

Another Aussie transplant, Toni Brancatisano was brought up in Australia by her Calabrian father and her English mother but her passion for food led her to Italy where she has lived since 1998. Toni is now based in Rome where her work and life revolve around ‘la buona cucina’. She has hosted several TV series on the Italian food channel, Gambero Rosso, and has appeared on radio in Italy and Australia, but it is her clever and creative slant on Italian desserts and sweets that has enthralled her readers. Think biscotti gingersnap, soft persimmon cookies and individual fig and date puddings.

4. Rachel Eats

A London girl living in Rome, the understated blogger describes herself as a home cook who writes. However, the enchanting stories that accompany each recipe post have garnered a devoted following with whimsical titles such as, 'Potential For Rainbows' rhapsodising over long hot Sicilian summers alongside traditional recipes such as pasta with beans and stuffed Italian peppers.

5. Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Whilst spanning subjects including design, shopping, and travel, it is food that takes center stage on Elizabeth Minchilli's top-rating blog. With loads of recipes, restaurant reviews and tips that include a list of rules for how and when to eat bread in Italy, each post is written with the aim of providing as much useful information to the reader as possible. With over 33,000 followers on Instagram, the veteran blogger has also released a best-selling app detailing all the places Minchilli frequents, loves and recommends.

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