Where to eat what in Italy - Emilia-Romagna Region

Where to eat what in Italy - Emilia-Romagna Region

Emilia-Romagna is a region in northern Italy, extending from the Apennine mountains to the Po river in the north.

It’s known for its refined cities and rich gastronomy. The capital, Bologna, is a vibrant university town with arched porticos lining the streets and squares of its medieval core. Ravenna, near the Adriatic coast, is famed for its brightly colored Byzantine mosaics.

What to Order: Bolognese (of course) or Ragú with egg tagliatelle, lasagne verde, tortellini, any aspaRagús dish, porcini mushrooms, pasticcio di tortellini (pasta pie) and prosciutto di parma.

Regional Cheese: provolone, parmigiano reggiano, grana padano.

Image:Palazzo dei Banchi in Bologna, Italy

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